• Registration

  1.  I. Registration Fee

  1. Members of IAICS ( ) or CAFIC ( ): RMB 800

  2. Non-IAICS or Non-CAFIC Member: RMB 1000

  3. Full-time Students: RMB 500


  1. 1. To enjoy the Membership special rate, participants must be IAICS or CAFIC Member prior to registration. Organizers reserve the right to verify the membership.

  2. 2. To enjoy the student special rate, students are required to provide a scanned copy of the student ID card when submitting the registration form.

  3. 3. The registration fee includes lunches, coffee-breaks and two dinner banquets during the three-day conference.

  1.  II. Payment Methods

  1. By cash at the conference venue on July 1st


  1. 1. Only RMB (cash) is accepted.

  2. 2. You can acquire your receipt at the registration with valid documentation.